Santana Row Loft Successful Short Sale – Sold $515K

by vbrasil on August 22, 2009

Santana Row Loft Short sale in Deforest Building333 Santana Row #214, Sold for $515K.  1 Bedroom 1.5 Bath loft with catwalk, popout, large back patio, and 2 parking spots, great deal.

This short sale transaction just closed last week. For those of you who who are considering buying a short sale understand that the most important figures in the transaction are the negotiators, the listing agent, and the buyers agent, and the most important quality they must all poses is diligence.

Short sales are all about paperwork whether the paper work is the short sale package, lender addenda they need to be completed correctly or to the negotiators satisfaction and they need to be submitted in a timely fashion. Its my contention that a short sale can close quickly in 6 weeks, as long as the agents and negotiator are diligently meeting the negotiators request and submitting the paperwork in a timely fashion.

This particular short sale had two loans which made the agent’s diligence even more important and crucial. You have to satisfy the paperwork for two loans, but the complex issue is that the 2nd loan approval cannot be granted until the first is granted. Once the first loan has short sale approval they will offer funds to the second, the agent must find out from the 2nd loan what amount they will request in order to release their lien, and do that before the 1st loan approval expires.

With all the confusion and uncertainty its incredible that these transactions even close, but they do and its my impression that they are not that bad, and do close. The only frustration I feel is the uncertainty and the possibility of being thrown out of contract by a higher offer from another buyer. This can easily happen, be sure to read your addenda and understand the nature of your contract.

In the end because of the buyer’s patience, she got a great deal on this loft. It was really a great property, and I really enjoyed the feeling of being in this property.

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